Max Tek AGC-100


Max Tek AGC-100 — Шлифовальное оборудование

The AGC-100 is ideal for the chucking of small automotive, aerospace and medical components such as variable vanes journals, snap ring and o-ring grooves and small diameter compressor and turbine wheel contouring among others. MAX-TEK can provide fully automated systems including bowl feeders, automatic part loading and post machining laser inspection.

  AGC-100 Series Specifications
Swing And Turn: Max. Swing Dia. 4.0″/100mm
Max. Turning Dia. 2.76 — 4.0″/70 — 102mm
Max. Turning Length 3.15″/80mm
Chuck Size 6.0″
Size: Machine Length 7.0’/2136mm
Machine Width 5.5’/1675mm
Machine Height 5.5’/1693mm
Machine Weight 8158 lbs/3700 kgs
Spindle Nose A2-5: Wheel Spindle Motor 5 — 12 Hp
Work Spindle Motor 10 Hp
Wheel Spindle Speed 30-6000 RPM
Other Info: Rapid Traverse X-Axis Feed 30 M/min
Rapid Traverse Z-Axis Feed 30 M/min
Other Info: X-Axis Travel 9.65″/245mm
Z-Axis Travel 9.45″/240mm
Other Info: Cutting Feed Rate 0.001-500 mm/rev
Servo Motor 1.34 Hp