Max Tek STC-300


STC-300Max Tek STC-300 Superabrasive Turning Center — Шлифовальное оборудование

The STC-300 is equipped with a cam type auto-loader, which makes it an excellent platform for high volume automotive powdered metal applications such as grooving drive sprockets and slotting synchronous rings. It is also ideal for heavy material removal applications, particularly from barstock.

STC-300 Series Specifications
Travel: Max. Swing 14.0″
X-Axis Travel 12.0″
Z-Axis Travel 12.0″
Work Spindle: Spindle Center Height From Floor 42″ +/-
Spindle Nose A2-6
Max Spindle HP and RPM 15 HP, 3500 RPM
Power Chuck Size 10.0″
Power Chucking System Hydraulic or Pneumatic
Axis Specifications: X and Z-Axis Slide Ways Linear Guide
X-Axis Rapid Traverse 24M/Minute
Z-Axis Rapid Traverse 30M/Minute
Linear Positioning +/- .0002″/12 Inches
Linear Repeatability +/- .0001″
General Specifications: Slideways Lubrication System Automatic
Spindle HP and RPM 53HP, Up to 9,000 RPM
Grinding Wheels Up to 14.0″ diameter
Wheel Mount Up to 5.0″ Hub
Tailstock Hydraulic
Tailstock Max Stroke 3.9″
Tailstock Inside Taper 5 MT
Machine Footprint 128″ Length, 85″ Deep, 90″ High
Machine Weight 16,500 Lbs. (7,500 KG)