Precitech Nanoform Drum Roll Lathe 1400


Nanoform Drum Roll Lathe 1400
Нано-токарное оборудование фирмы Precitech

• Large capacity, multi-axes ultra precision machining system designed specifically for diamond turning optical microstructures on drum roll surfaces.
• Linear Hydrostatic Slideways: Hydrostatic oil bearing slideways manufactured in house with symmetrical linear motor placement.
• Sealed natural granite base provides exceptional long term machine tool stability.
• Self leveling isolation system minimizes vibration influences during machine operation.
• Linear motor driven, hydrostatic oil bearing slideways with advanced stiffness characteristics for the ultimate in performance.
• 10nm feedback resolution for precise position and velocity control.
• Heavy-duty, oil bearing spindle with integral motor and encoder. 500 rpm maximum.
• QNX® real time Operating System with 1.0nm programming resolution provides advanced programming capabilities.
• Optional B and C rotational axes and Fast Tool Servo System available for advanced capabilities.

Key Specifications
Slide Travel: X=250mm   Z=1480mm
Max Feedrate: 7000 mm/min
Swing Capacity: 485 mm
Max Machine Face Length: 1270 mm
Load Capacity:
  Headstock: 820 Kg
  Tailstock: 820 Kg
  Total: 1640 Kg
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